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Cleaning Your Mattresses

When it comes to cleaning your mattresses, this can be a big job, especially if you have queen or king size mattresses. You see, it's not enough to just clean them, you should be turning them over periodically. So if you have a very large mattress, best to have some help on hand. To clean your mattress, here are a few helpful tips.

  • Dust mites live and breed in mattresses.
  • Bed bugs also live and breed in and on mattresses.
  • Bed bugs bite you and leave little red welts on your skin. Not harmful, usually, but not good either.
  • First, wash your mattress pad in hot water every two months or so.
  • If you don't have a mattress pad, get an antiallergenic one.
  • Antiallergenic mattress pads will help reduce mites.
  • Vacuum the entire mattress using your vacuum's wand or upholstery attachment.
  • Use the highest setting on your vacuum.
  • Concentrate on the indented (buttoned) areas and along edges and seams.
  • Mites hide in dust patches.
  • Turn your mattress over and vacuum the bottom every 4 months.
  • Each time you turn your mattress over, turn it around too. This helps reduce flat spots in the mattress.
  • If you have bed bugs, you'll need professional help to get rid of them.

If you have an infestation of bed bugs in your mattress, they can spread to other parts of the room and to the whole house. So it's very important to get rid of them as soon as possible. If you travel, check the bedding carefully where you stay. Bed bugs often accumulate in hotels and motels and you could carry some of them home in your luggage, though it is rare they will travel on you. They come out at night to feed and hide during the day. They are only the size of a couple grains of salt, so you probably need a magnifying glass to see them, but the bites they leave on your skin can get as large as a 1/4" and take many days to disappear.

Many people neglect to clean their mattresses regularly and this is a mistake. Your body throws off ash every day and it accummulates in your sheets and down onto the mattress. Over time your mattress becomes a breeding ground for all kinds of bacteria. Wash your sheets every week and don't forget to vacuum your mattress and turn it over periodically. You'll sleep on a cleaner surface and preserve the life of your mattress.

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