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Home Staging Video Clips for April

Here are some short decorating clips for home staging professionals to share or for homeowners who need great financial advice.  . . . Home Staging Tips Videos

Timing Is Great for Starting a Business - if You're Thinking Like Rich People Think

There are many reasons why the vast majority of people are just scraping by, unable to pay their bills, never having anything extra to enjoy or to treat their family, looking at a dismal future with little hope for improvement. And during uncertain economic times, their fear level goes way up. Well, if you're one of those people, . . . Benefits of a Home Staging Business

Join Our Free Staging and Redesign Discussion Forum

I'm really pleased at the response to our home staging and redesign discussion forum. There's something there for everyone, however, whether you have a business or you're a home owner just wanting to learn about decorating. You can ask questions and get answers - usually the same day. Answers will come from Barbara Jennings, herself, or from other knowledgeable people in the industry. Come join up. It's free! . . Join Discussion Group

Decorating Videos II - April, 2008

Decorating Video Clips for April

Here are some short decorating clips for the do it yourself home owner or our professional home staging and interior redesign trainees.  . . . Decorating Tips Videos

Decorating Tips Issue I - April, 2008

Use Housework to Get Healthy

A revolutionary thought indeed! I enjoy a small number of housework tasks - but most of them I can do without or would just prefer that someone else do them for me - like cleaning toilets and sinks and the  . . . Housework Tips

5 Money Making Skills

There are some things a homeowner just must be able to do for themselves. So here are 5 skills everyone should know how to do. Most can be done with simple hand tools. You . . . . Home Repair Tips

5 More Money Making Skills

Here are 5 more home repair tips that everyone should know - well, almost everyone. . . . . . . House Repair Tips

Spring Has Sprung - And So Should You

Since spring is right around the corner and warmer weather on the horizon, it's not too early to think about how to dress up the patio and enjoy being out with nature. I love spring but I can't say I love spring . . . Spring Cleaning Tips

Fine Wood and Veneers - Take Care

Caring for your wood furniture and veneers takes a pro-active approach as there are factors that can reduce their beauty, such as sunlight, dust, moisture and general wear and tear. . . . Caring for Wood Furniture and Veneers

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