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Decorating Tips II - February

How to Buy Carpeting

No matter what style of carpeting you want, and no matter what your budget, there is a product available to fit your needs. . . . How to Buy Carpeting

How to Protect Yourself When Buying Carpeting

There is a lot to consider when you're in the market for wall-to-wall carpeting. I thought I'd write about some personal experiences to keep you from getting ripped off like I was! There are lots of carpeting scams, so you need to be careful and do your homework. . . . Carpeting Protection

How to Care for Carpets and Carpeting

Here are some tips to help your carpets last longer. You invest a lot of money in them. You can help make them more durable and keep them clean with some due diligence.. . . Care of Carpets

Tips for Painting Walls

You may be asking yourself: Aren't all paints basically the same?
Well, no, different types of paints perform different functions. Some have better moisture resistance, some have better gloss retention and some have better color. . . . Tips for Painting Walls

Join Our Free Discussion Forum

Have questions about decorating your home? Need advice about art, gardening, home staging, interior redesign and a host of other topics? Join our discussions. Give advice yourself. Share ideas and tips with others all over the country. It's all free and registration is easy. . . Join Discussion Group

Tips for Winterizing Your Home

You can easily transform your home into a warm winter haven with a few simple tips and products. Keep from getting chilly. . . . Tips for Cold Weather

One Stylish Kitchen

In any room you decorate, you should try to draw inspiration from some place or some piece or element in the room or just outside it. In your kitchen, it's a good idea to make it a comfortable space for family gatherings, particularly if it is a large kitchen. . . . One Stylish Kitchen

One Stylish Bedroom

Choosing your acce You can turn any bedroom into a stylish bedroom by what you do with the bed. Even if the window treatments aren't fabulous, the focus always goes to the bed first, then elsewhere in the room. . . . One Stylish Bedroom

One Contemporary Kitchen

If you want the most fabulous kitchen in the world, you want to mix form, function and fab food. The space should appeal to family and friends and help them enjoy each other's company. With the right design,  . . . One Contempoary Kitchen

One Formal Kitchen

There's just something about the formal kitchen that is timeless and always welcoming and appealing. Perhaps it reminds us our our younger years and growing up. . . . One Formal Kitchen

Questions & Answers

I'm working on my first vacant home staging project!! I have a question in regards to placing a piece of art above the fireplace mantle. The piece of art is a large starburst mirror-36X36. The space above the mantle to ceiling is only 42 inches tall-way over the 2/3 rule. However, the space on the sides is well within the 2/3 rule. Is it going to be OK to hang this large piece above the center of the mantle or is this a no-no. Thanks in advance for your expert advise and look forward to your reply.

OK, let's do the math. 2/3rds of 42 is 28 inches. You're not only at 36", but unless you rest the mirror on the mantle itself, you're going to need at least 3-4 additional inches from the base of the mirror to the mantle. So that would only leave about 2-3" max at the top left. When something is a square, you really want the negative space to be square too. You didn't say how wide the mantle is, so I don't know if it's 42x42 or not. I'm afraid it will feel too crowded and will be even more off visually because of all the extra space along the sides. My vote is to find another "home" for the mirror and look for something else above the mantle. It's a lot easier to add to something that is too small. If something is too big, it's just too big. End of story.

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Learn How to Decorate Like the Experts So It

The most common problem I see in people's homes is the failure to place their furniture and accessories in the right place. Even the most beautiful furnishings will fall flat in the space if not placed properly. That's why learning how to arrange what you have purchased is so critical for the successful completion of your home. Learn how the experts do it.

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