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June Decorating Tips

Making Your Bedroom Look Antique

Here's a great idea for how to take a rather plain bedroom and decorate it with style and absolute charm. The canopy was created from an old store display. After it was sandblasted, it was left outside to rust, then sealed. Lace fabric was artfully draped in and out to soften and complete the canopy. An old rustic piece of wood with hooks was hung on the wall with assorted jewelry and vintage hats to draw the eye down to the ornate headboard. By adding other vintage items to the room, you can really create a nostalgic ambience that is to die for.

Possible Cure for Divorce

According to studies, working women have become the norm and it's having a different effect today than it did 30 years ago. One surprising result is that as wives are bringing in more money, they are keeping their marriages going longer. Instead of the traditional bread winning husband and homemaking wife scenario, now both spouses are working and contributing to the household income. This has led to they also sharing the responsibilities of housework and keeping the home and children cared for. This has apparently led to less friction between husband and wife and the divorce rate is going down.

But while marriages seem to be more stable, we don't know if they are happier or not. So I say, wives, start your own business. If you must work, or you choose to work, do something that you love doing, something you'd do whether you got paid for it or not. Then you'll be happy in your work and as you earn profits, you marriage will probably become more stable. The trickle down effect brings more joy and happiness to your spouse and children.

Create a Back Yard Oasis

As summer is upon us, my backyard is beaconing me once again to enjoy delicious food and good conversation with family and friends. If your back yard needs some tender loving care, you can quickly create a spectacular vignette that would make anyone want to dine and chat, or read or work on a hobby. Here an old, beat up bench has been placed under the large tree. Adding some decorative pillows, an old wooden coffee table, some place mats and dishes, and walla, you have a charming vignette outdoors that looks ohh so cozy and inviting.

Home Staging Tips for Summer

Statistically, summer is the best season for selling your home. People have more flexibility during the longer daylight hours. More vacations and time off means more shoppers. But you need to de-clutter first.

A garage or yard sale in August or September will pull in college students looking to furnish their new "digs" with limited budgets. But what do you get rid of? If you haven't used something or worn something in two years, get rid of it. Some of the best selling items include: strollers, high chairs, cribs, sporting goods, furniture, tools, books, ki8tchen items and toys.

Take more valuable items like antiques or collectibles to antique dealers or have them appraised. You could even rent a booth in a co-op antiques market where many people display their items together.

Garage Sale Tips

1) Get change ahead of time. Have at least $5 worth of quarters, along with one and five dollar bills. 2) Make signs to post around the neighborhood (take down after the sale). 3) There are some sites on the internet where you can promote your sale for free. Run an add in the local Pennysaver or newspaper. 4) Provide plastic bags for shoppers. Use your supply of grocery bags. 5) Wear a fanny pack with your change. Move about and keep an eye on "shop lifters". Have at least 2 people monitoring the sale at all times.

Quick Way to Build Guesthouse

After Katrina hit New Orleans area, the best FEMA would do is offer victims a trailer to live in while they tried to regroup. But Lowes came up with the "Katrina Cottage", and it has turned into a do-able way to add a guest house to your property or even a home office for your home staging and redesign business. These compact homes are now available. You simply go to the website ( and browse through the blueprints. They range from 308 to 1400 square feet. You choose your plan and Lowe's will provide you with a materials list and you can, of course, get all your supplies at Lowes. You could be up and running in as little as six weeks. But before you spring for one, be sure to check your city ordinances and get the proper permits (at least see if you need any).

Advice for Life

Never be afraid to be silly. Smooth over awkward moments with humor. Make people laugh in the middle of an argument. It's impossible to stay mad.

Smile often. Smile even when you don't feel like it. Pretty soon, you'll feel like it and so will all you come into contact with.

Save effort. Don't worry about something that someone else is already worrying about. You cannot add one day to your life by worrying. Concentrate only on the things you can change for the better. Let the rest go from your mind.

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