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Thanksgiving & Christmas Tips II for the Holidays

Dried Floral Arrangements

Fall is particularly a good season for me, decorating wise, because my home is fill with the fall palette of colors anyway. . . . Dried Floral Arrangements

Holiday Time Management Tips

During the busy holiday season, it's more important than ever to organize and manage your time properly to maximize your enjoyment of the season. If you utilize holiday time management techniques, . . . Holiday Time Management

Making Time for Friends and Family

I'm not much of an entertainer, I must admit. It may shock you, but I dislike cooking and will do almost anything to avoid it. But of course that's not very practical . . . Making Time

Inspecting Christmas Lights

When did you last check your Christmas light to make sure they were safe? Even if your Christmas lights are new, . . . Christmas Lights

Become the Perfect Party Planner

How to Host and Decorate for Great Parties! How to Create a Great Home! Have you ever wanted to host a fabulous party, decorated beautifully, and have all of your guests think you hired a professional decorator? . . . Planning Great Parties

Purchasing a Turkey

When you hate to cook, like me, it's especially nice to have leftovers when the big feast is done that can last a few days. That's why I always buy a larger turkey than I need. When calculating what you need, bear in mind that the weights listed here . . .Purchasing a Turkey

Roasting a Turkey

Planning a Thanksgiving turkey? Or maybe one for Christmas. If you've never done one before, relax. There's a little bit of work at first, but once in the oven, you're free for some time to do other things. . . .Roasting a Turkey

Carving a Turkey

Carving a turkey can seem daunting, but it really isn't that difficult if you just follow a few guidelines. I've listed them for you below. . . .Carving a Turkey

Thanksgiving Plants

Did you know that common houseplants are very efficient at removing some pollutants from the air? A fact discovered by NASA. . . . Thanksgiving Plants

Thanksgiving Bouquets

Here are some quick techniques for getting color and fragrance onto your festive tables. For quick color, fill the vases with cranberries or kumquats. Then add your flowers, which you have chosen in complementary shades. But be sure . . . Thanksgiving Bouquets

Thanksgiving Ideas

Why not decorate outside the box this year? Like how about expanding your space and move the party outside of the dining room for a change. Here are a few speedy, . . . Thanksgiving Ideas

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