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November Decorating Tips I

Thanksgiving Bouquets

Here are some quick techniques for getting color and fragrance onto your festive tables. For quick color, fill the vases with cranberries or kumquats. Then add your flowers, which you have chosen in complementary shades. But be sure . . . Thanksgiving Bouquets

Thanksgiving Ideas

Why not decorate outside the box this year? Like how about expanding your space and move the party outside of the dining room for a change. Here are a few speedy, . . . Thanksgiving Ideas

Thanksgiving Plants

Did you know that common houseplants are very efficient at removing some pollutants from the air? A fact discovered by NASA. . . . Thanksgiving Plants

Purchasing a Turkey

When you hate to cook, like me, it's especially nice to have leftovers when the big feast is done that can last a few days. That's why I always buy a larger turkey than I need. When calculating what you need, bear in mind that the weights listed here . . .Purchasing a Turkey

Roasting a Turkey

Planning a Thanksgiving turkey? Or maybe one for Christmas. If you've never done one before, relax. There's a little bit of work at first, but once in the oven, you're free for some time to do other things. . . .Roasting a Turkey

Carving a Turkey

Carving a turkey can seem daunting, but it really isn't that difficult if you just follow a few guidelines. I've listed them for you below. . . .Carving a Turkey

Advice for Life

Preparing for Cold Weather Before you turn those furnaces on again, be sure to change your filter. Filters should be changed every fall. If you use your furnace constantly, then you should change your furnace filter every 3-4 months. It's also a good idea to have your air ducts cleaned professionally so there is nothing restricting the air flow. If your wall or ceiling shows any signs of black soot above your vents, that's a sign that deadly carbon monoxide is coming into the room. Get a professional in right away to check out your furnace and air ducts.

Give Thanks for Simple Things At the beginning of your meal, give thanks. Let each family member or guest express what they are thankful for. Often it's the simple things of life that are the most meaningful. Give thanks to God and to each other.

Open Your Heart to Family and Friends Your friends and family are your closest links to happiness and freedom. With and through them, you learn to love, share, care and experience joy. In times of sadness, it is friends and family that stand beside us and encourage us. To open doors of success, share your deepest feelings and dreams with the people you care about most.

Choose to Succeed Let go of resentments and all anger. These feelings will bring you poor health. Let them go. Life is too short to be in bondage to negative feelings. Let your loving nature dominate your thoughts, words and actions. Choose to bring more love and forgiveness into your life. These positive feelings are like fresh blossoms of spring and lead to a healthier body.

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