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September Decorating Tips

Floating Glass Shelves

Whether you're in home staging or interior redesign, or whether you're a homeowner just looking for unique ways to decorate your home, here is a product worthy of your attention. The floating glass shelves, which can hold a good deal of weight, . . . Floating Glass Shelves

Warning to Women

I just received the following bogus email supposedly sent from the IRS telling me I was due a refund . . . Warning to Women (and Men)

Staging4Sellers - New Sales Aid

Most people are visual learners. So don't try to sell your services just with words or brochures. Instead give your prospects a CD that will SHOW them how they can benefit . . .Staging for Sellers

Decorating With Words and Phrases

Inspirational words and phrases, or humorous ones, descriptive ones or not, words and phrases have come to own a definite place in the home and in our decorating efforts. But unlike the difficulty of stenciling or hiring an artist to create something for the wall, now you can . . .Decorating With Words and Phrases

What's New and Coming Soon

Fall is a season for renewed energy - a time for starting over - a time to get your second breath - kids are back in school - it's on with business - on with decorating - so here are some new products coming your way soon . . . What's New

Do It Yourself Decorating

DIY or DIFM - What does that mean? DIY, of course, means Do It Yourself and DIFM means Do It For Me. Whenever one decides to redecorate, update a look, do some major or minor repairs, or whatever else one decides,  . . . Do It Yourself Decorating

Determination - Are You As Determined As This Cat?

The cat, nicknamed Macavity, has one blue eye and one green eye The cat was nicknamed Macavity after the mystery cat in T.S Elliot's poem. . . . Determination

Advice for Life

Clean the fireplace and hearth at least once a week during the months that you use it. Vacuum or brush up ashes, then wipe down the hearth with a damp cloth or sponge. Clean the walls of the firebox with a dry bristle brush or the dusting attachment of the vacuum. Don't scrub the fire-brick or cement block with water; it may reduce heat retention. Clean the chimney flue yearly. Call a chimney sweep and avoid accidents.

Rotate your bed linens. Put linens just back from the laundry on the bottom of the pile in the linen closet. When you take your fresh linens from the top of the pile, you'll always be rotating your linens in a logical manner, giving them all uniform wear and tear. A good way to increase the loft of a down comforter is to tumble it in your dryer with a pair of sneakers. Go figure.

Coping with frozen locks. Since cold weather is on the horizon, you may start to experience frozen locks on your car door or trunk. Light a match and hold under your key to warm up the key; then quickly insert the key in the cylinder and turn. Wear gloves so you don't burn yourself. To keep locks from freezing up on you, squirt them with some graphite lubricant (not oil). Then open and close the lock several times.

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