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Decorating with Serving Dishes: Easy Tips

Sometimes we think that because there is no holiday that we can't use our serving dishes at other times of the year. But that just isn't true. You can use them at any time and for any reason. As a matter of fact, your serving dishes can add that extra spice or color that you need in your every day decorating. All you have to do is reassign them other duties.

 So whether you have a soup tureen, a cake stand, a pitcher, a special bowl, a special vase, get them out of your cabinet and put them to work. Here are some easy tips:

  • Use a beautiful large bowl or tureen to display extra large flowers, such as hydrangea, roses, peonies.
  • Fill a tureen with potpourri and put near your entry for a fragrant welcome.
  • Place a small cake stand on top of a much larger cake stand.
  • Place an assortment of candles on both the small stand and the large stand, balancing the heights accordingly.
  • Pillar candles all in one color are very dramatic.
  • Use a cake stand near the door to manage your outgoing mail.
  • Use a cake stand to organize your bills or to hold your shipping list.
  • Use a cake stand to display photographs or a vase or anything that you want to make look more important.
  • Use cake stands to change the heights of an element.
  • Use a small cake stand in the bathroom for decorative soaps.
  • Place a decorative tray in the bathroom or on the vanity table to display perfume bottles.
  • Use a decorative glass sugar bowl or creamer to hold candy, cotton balls, spare change.
  • Use a glass sugar bowl to hold small pieces of jewelry.
  • Use a fancy creamer to hold nuts or small shells and star fish.
  • Tall pitchers can be used for tall flowers with extra long stems.
  • Use a vase or pitcher to store wooden spoons, spatulas and whisks in your kitchen.
  • Arrange 3 pitchers together. Use different heights for most pleasing arrangement.

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