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Garden Ideas and Trends

Riding behind a locomotive, one must be careful when the window is open. Little specks of cinders caught in the eye can hurt quite a bit. Growing up in Japan, I experienced such painful encounters more than once.

Dad loved model trains. He built a whole railway web in our basement. I'm always fondly reminded of him and growing up when I see trains.

No scenery on those long rides ever looked like this, however.

Imagine riding on this train and passing by glorious flowers the size of your head?

Naturally this is a model train embedded amongst beautiful flower beds in this homeowner's garden.

Little boys would be crazy about buying a home with its own train system. Think about what you love. Incorporate it into your decorating and let yourself dream of bygone days or yet-to-come tomorrows.

Light! Color! Spectacle!

Never just trees.

Geisha houses beckon guests from the streets. You can beckon family and friends out in the back yard.

What a great home staging idea that will take your services to the next level. Invest in a few of these types of jewels and put them in the front yard. Buyers often drive by at night for a private look. No one expects to see lanterns, hence, the great appeal of them.

Bring the outdoors inside with these giant translucent images of blossoms.

You can almost smell the beautiful fragrance.

Pricey? Yes. Custom? Yes. Spectacular? Yes, yes, yes!

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