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Home Staging for Curb Appeal

Having the right curb appeal is important for any home, for personal enjoyment, but especially important if you're planning to sell your home. If the home does not look appealing from the curb, buyers will just drive away and not even enter the home. But even if you're living in your home and planning to stay, have a beautiful view of the home from the street is important. It sets the stage, so to speak, for the rest of the home.

Here are six colorful ideas for the exterior of your home that are particularly great for the spring. If you're hiring a home stager, or starting your own home staging business, grab some "before" pictures of your home now. When you're all done, grab some "after" pictures to see how great an improvement you've been able to achieve.

  • When solving problems, look for ways to be creative. If you happen to live in a place where wild life venture into your front or back yard, try installing some radios here and there along the perimeter of your property. Plan a local soft rock station 24 hours a day throughout the summer months. Wild animals will tend to think that people are outside working and will stay away - hopefully.
  • Use your own sense of style and beauty when designing and planting your yards. If you love flowers, plant them everywhere, especially the ones that bloom much of the year. If you're more textured, plant bushes and place rocks and boulders around the yard.
  • Use color, by all means, but use discipline too. Your color palette in your flowers should be chosen as carefully as you choose colors for the interiors. Too much unplanned color can be overwhelming. So pick 3 colors that blend well together and concentrate on wrapping these colors around for balance. Green, of course, will make up the 4th color in the palette.
  • If you want a strong visual impact, buy more plantings than you think you will need. Be overly generous with what you plant. If you plant sparsely, your yard will not have that much of an impact. If some plants die off, you'll still have plenty of plants left that will spread and thicken.
  • Watch out for structure and space. Plant taller plants in the back and the shortest plants in the front of each area. This is called "layering". Try to make it a blended drop in height so it's not so obvious. By alternating shrubbery, with soft shrubs and spikey shrubs, your yard will take on a sophisticated appearance as you add depth and texture to your design.
  • To add rhythm to your design, repeat some of the same colors and plants throughout the yard. You can even try a monochromatic palette, making all of your flowers from the same color family. For instance, maybe all of the flowers are different shades and tints of pink. It's really easy to direct the eye in a specific direction when your flowers are all the same or similar color.

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