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Home Staging Organizing Tips: How to Organize Your Home Properly

It's probably a rare person who enjoys clutter - I mean the kind of clutter that drives you crazy. But isn't it amazing how easy it is to wind up living with it in every room of the house. We would not try to sell a house filled with clutter but we seem often content to live in one that way, day after day. So how do you get and keep control of your clutter? Here are a few tips that home stagers use.

  •  Give the room a fresh coat of paint. It's amazing how a dramatic change in a room will make it feel brand new and when things feel new, we naturally want to keep it looking new for as long as possible. Pick a color other than white. You want the room to feel like a decorated room, not a sterile apartment or hall.
  • Add extra storage. It doesn't have to be expensive built-ins. Furniture that doubles as storage can really give you handy places to place items that you need but that are unsightly.
  • A bench with storage underneath doubles in functionality.
  • A coat rack allows you to hang multiple items in one handy place.
  • Shelves and stacked cubes neatly store items you need to get at often.
  • A bin organizer will help your children keep their toys and athletic equipment stored in one place that feels like it belongs to them. Put those balls, skates, athletic shoes. Give each child their own area.
  • Buy a wall-mounted hook for keys.
  • Limit the collectibles and store the rest. Change them out periodically but don't display them all at once.
  • A mail organizer is great for storing note pads, pencils, letter opener and stamps.
  • A small shelf unit is great for storing stationery, envelopes, note cards and such.
  • Magazine boxes are great for organizing your favourite magazines. You can label them by year and keep them neat and protected.
  • Gather up clothing that hasn't been worn in a long time and donate it to a charity.
  • Use the space under armoires and beds as extra storage. Buy containers for such.

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