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How to Decorate Big Rooms

Do you have a big room, I mean really big - the kind that makes the ceilings go upward so high they want to disappear from view? Lots of homes nowadays have rooms with walls 12 feet high, some higher. The higher the wall, the greater the chance is that your artwork will look overly small and dwarfed.

Of course, creating a large wall grouping or gallery wall of art is one way to handle overly large and overly tall walls. By designing several works of art together into one giant, unified grouping, you create something spectacular and no one single element in the grouping appears too small because the entire grouping is viewed and perceived to be one giant entity.

To keep the overly large grouping from looking too random and uncoordinated, you create a separate backdrop on the wall, kind of like a border, if you will. You can paint the wall a different color and then tack wood molding all around the perimeter, as if that area were one giant work of art in and by itself. What you put inside this area needs to be color coordinated and work together in a unified manner. For instance, you could frame all of the artwork in silver or gold. Or all of the images could be in the same color palette.

While color is the best unifier, a theme can help. Perhaps all of the scenes are boating scenes, or botanicals or antique cars.

You can also introduce 3-dimensional items like plants, clocks and mirrors. These will add dimension and texture variances that can add even more interest to your display. For more training on how to create and hang exceptionally large wall groupings, you might want to pick up a copy of Wall Groupings: The Art of Arranging Art and Photos.

But don't think that just because you have huge walls that you have to decorate them from floor to ceiling. You don't. You really only need to decorate the lower portion of the room where you live and where you have eye level enjoyment. Going up high is a matter of choice, not necessity.

After all, the way to decorate large rooms is mostly to keep the attention "in" the room and not "at the ceiling". So before you begin to decorate your big room, decide whether you have the adequate amount of accessories and cash to do it right. There is nothing worse than creating space that looks unfinished or where items are so spread out to "fill" the space that it looks obviously you're just trying to make it appear full.

I much prefer to decorate a big room where the furnishings are congregated together for a smaller but more complete arrangement than one where the furnishings are few and far between. That is contrived and immediately obvious to anyone that you don't have enough or can't afford to buy what you need. You don't want to send that message out there ever. That would be like going bald and combing a few hairs over the top of the head to hide the baldness. All you're doing is making it even more obvious that you're bald.

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