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How to Organize Your Rooms

Sometimes when I arrive at a client's home, I'm amazed to see how cluttered and messy it is. It's a shock. Then I remind myself of the condition of my own home sometimes and how easy it is to let it get out of control, particularly when you have kids move back in and quarters are cramped. No matter how much storage capacity I bring into the home, it seems to fill up fast and I'm right back where I started from. To say the least, organizing rooms is no easy task to accomplish and maintain.

Are you fighting the never-ending battle of clutter? If so, here are some quick fixes on how to organize your rooms. Every idea might not be practical for you when it comes to organizing rooms, but hopefully you'll find some that will help.

  • Leave a foot or two of space between the sofa and a wall to hide kid's toy bins or chests or to store those extra folding chairs - that is if your sofa backs up against a wall.
  • Get a quilt rack to throw your blankets or throws over to keep them tidy but handy.
  • Decorate matching boxes to store photos, CDs, DVDs, cables, odds and ends, paperwork. Or just buy some decorative baskets with lids.
  • Arrange your books by color. Put all hard bound books together and all paperback books together.
  • Get ottomans that double as storage units for those games, bulky books, blankets, extra pillows and assorted large items you want handy.
  • My son gave me a rustic, metal box about 12" long. I keep it on a small stand near my lounge chair. In the box I keep all my remote control devices. Handy, but out of sight when not being used.
  • Remove your DVDs and CDs from their jewel cases and insert them into Disk Binders for a more compact storage solution. Place the binders on a nearby shelf.
  • Use an accordion file for all your papers you can't get rid of if you don't have filing cabinets. Visit your local office supply store. You can buy decorative storage file boxes now. Even Walmart and Target have decorative filing boxes.
  • Buy some old fashioned glass jars for storage solutions. You can keep such things as spare change, pencils, candy, paper clips and so on where they are handy but organized. See organizing rooms isn't that hard after all, is it?
  • Create a spot just for old newspapers, bottles and other things you want to recycle. Keep trash bags, twine and other bundling items nearby.
  • Add extra hooks to your coatrack that are size appropriate for the ages of your kids. Then they can hang up their coats easily and you don't have to do it.
  • Keep your keys on a hook near the front door. They will always be easy to find before you step outside and easy to return when you enter the door.
  • Make or buy decorative containers for your pet's supplies: food, litter, medicines, toys.
  • If you have small children, create a bin for each child with their name on it (or at least their initial). It will encourage them to keep their things in the bin. Everyone likes having their own special "space".
  • Get those "over the door" organizers to hang on the back of doors for your kids. Doors are often left open so you won't even see this area unless the door is closed but the extra storage space comes in handy.
  • Glass cannisters are also great for storing your crafts materials: shells, paints, crayons and such.
  • A large trash barrel, stored in a closet, is a fabulous way to store all those rolls of Christmas or birthday wrapping paper.
  • Store your sheets inside their matching pillowcases. They're always together then and ready to make up the bed.
  • Use ice cube trays to store small items: jewelry, nails, screws, paperclips.
  • Use toilet paper rolls to organize your cords and cables. Just feed them threw the roll and you'll be amazed at how much that helps.
  • Label your CDs and DVDs and stack them in boxes alphabetically. Then you'll know right where a particular movie is. You can label the boxes: kids, romance, action.

Well that should get you started on how to organize your rooms. Remember, by organizing your rooms as a parent, you're teaching good habits to your children that will pay off later for you when you visit their un-cluttered homes. Well, I can dream, can't I?

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